Ecosia Planting Trees in Indonesia

2020: The Year of the Forest

Ecosia, our favourite search engine that plants trees as people browse the internet, has just celebrated a huge milestone – they’ve planted 80 million trees across the globe.

They’re on a mission to restore degraded soil, empower communities, secure water resources, protect biodiversity and cool the climate.

That’s why they’ve declared 2020 the Year of the Forest. Check out their video below.

Want to get involved?

If you want to join Ecosia and us in making 2020 the Year of the Forest, here are a few ways you can get involved:

> Use Ecosia as your search engine. You can download and install a browser extension and a mobile app so that every search you make goes toward planting trees.

> Donate or volunteer with a local tree planting organisation, like the Woodland Trust, The Nature Conservancy, One Tree Planted or Trees For Cities.

> Increase biodiversity in your garden by planting trees and shrubs.

> Travel sustainably by flying less, limiting your single use plastic, using eco-hotels and eating local cuisine.

> Cut back on meat and dairy products to help stop the deforestation that takes place to clear land for animal grazing or animal feed crops.

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