76 Million Trees

How ten years of search has powered Ecosia’s mission

Our favourite search engine – Ecosia – is celebrating 10 years of powering tree planting projects around the world with our internet searches.

The Ecosia team

And with 16 million monthly users, that’s a lot of trees – 76 million in fact since they started in 2009.

Ecosia’s mission is ‘to plant a billion trees and inspire a global reforestation movement’. They do this by partnering with local communities around the world to integrate tree planting and forests into their livelihoods. 

The trees that Ecosia plants have by-products like nuts, shea butter and baobab powder. By harvesting these products and selling them on, the local communities gain a valuable source of income.

This reliance on the forests means local people will protect and nurture the forests instead of clearing the land for animal agriculture or intensive mono-crops.

A healthy forest increases the quality and fertility of the soil. It can bring back water to a barren land and it creates a micro-climate that encourages bio-diversity. 

Here are a few of our favourite Ecosia projects

Reforestation in Madagascar

Turning the desert green in Burkina Faso

Bringing water back to Uganda

Ready to get involved? 

> Head over to Ecosia.org and start searching the internet

> Add their browser extension and make Ecosia your default search engine

> Download their mobile app to search Ecosia on the go

> Search ads generate income from Ecosia and they use this money to plant trees around the world

Happy birthday to our friends at Ecosia!

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