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About Us

Global Citizens

The world is changing, fast. The elite no longer control the conversation or the agenda. People are taking back power and insisting on real change. And the opportunities this presents are hugely exciting.

planetSHINE exists to tell the stories of individuals, organisations and local communities making a positive difference in the world.

To be a platform that broadens the conversation – a place where you encounter diverse voices, unique worldviews and a wide range of experiences.

A place you visit for entertainment, inspiration and helpful recommendations for smarter, lighter living in the 2020s.

Because we believe that everyone has a story to tell and those stories can change the world.

Helping the planetSHINE one story at a time…

Global Brands

Planet Shine works with some of the world’s largest, most progressive and purpose-driven brands on the planet.

Through embedding sustainability into your organisation – from the C Suite to employees and customers – we ensure that you have robust strategies and powerful messages.

We develop your brand story and strategy, helping to define, position and grow your brand. 

With strategies in place, we create content – from short form, social clips to brand stories and feature length documentaries – and help to amplify your messages to global audiences.

Where appropriate, we introduce your brand to aligned influencers, celebrities and likeminded strategic partners to achieve high levels of growth, whilst reducing impact on the planet.

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