Adam Werbach

Key Takeaways:

Positive psychology shows us the elements of happiness: the experience of flow, having a sense of gratitude, doing something that’s bigger than yourself. We’re having to redefine those things in a digital-only reality under lockdown.

There are two behaviours people are experiencing. Some people are defending the core, jumping into crisis management mode and are protecting whatever normal they had in terms of health, jobs, family. And some are looking ahead at what’s next and what we want that to look like; we’re having to reinvent who we are and how we’ll interact with the world post-lockdown.

Education isn’t going back to normal – which is good because it’s a broken system – and we need to prepare for that new reality. What could a public education be globally available from high-quality universities? We don’t have to limit ourselves to where we live to get the education we want.

Is the system we’re operating in and the behaviours we’re following serving one good – taking care of myself and family – but not serving a greater good – making sure that others can survive as well? We know it’s not, the systems are broken. And we need to put the world back together in a way that solves the individual and societal problems we’re facing.

We need progress, not just from a human development standpoint, but from a productivity standpoint. Humanity is becoming less productive year by year and has been decreasing since the 1970s in an economic sense and scale of innovation. ‘What’s our aspiration to get us to a leap that’s as great as from not having running water to having running water….are we even thinking at that scale?’



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