Alessandra Sollberger

Alessandra Sollberger

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Key Takeaways: 

Impact investing and impact entrepreneurship is about the future, not the past. And the future is now coming even faster. 

If anything, the shrinking [of the economy] is showing the cracks we already had in our system…a lot of countries are putting out their roadmap for rebooting the economy through renewable energy and other areas of impact.

We need to overhaul and upgrade our systems – they’ve not been built to deal with the urgent situations that climate change and health care issues and sustainability require. 

We have all the ingredients that are needed across industries – energy, sustainable foods, alternative means, agricultural technology – we have so many pieces of the puzzle lined up. And these are some of the biggest, if not the biggest, investment opportunities of this decade and beyond. 

Alessandra provides an example of how blockchain can bring about a new paradigm without needing a structure that is different from what we work with today, ie. normal capitalism, free markets, etc.

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Alessandra is an entrepreneur, investor and active board member to several companies. She was born in Switzerland and is fluent in 6 languages. During high school, Alessandra started focusing on neuroscience while working as a windsurf and snowboard instructor on the side. She founded her first business at 11 years old and has been investing in biotech and blockchain since graduating from Oxford in 2012. After covering product in early-stage technology startups, Alessandra worked in private equity at Blackstone and in venture capital at Mosaic Ventures. The Maverick Group is the holding firm for her current activities. She’s the youngest member of her Oxford degree’s advisory board.

Alessandra also founded Top Tier Impact, the global private network of impact investors and impact entrepreneurs ( Across their locations in the US, the UK, Europe and Asia, Top Tier Impact members manage some of the leading impact funds and run some of the most impactful companies.

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