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This New ‘Roarsome’ Vegan Lipstick Is Saving Tigers

Remember lips? Those things we hide under masks? They’re making a comeback (from six feet apart).

All Tigers, a new range of vegan lipsticks makes donation to the Poh Kao Association with every purchase. It’s working to protect wildlife and wild places — in this case, the majestic tigers of Rajasthan.

Alexis Robillard set up the brand when her daughter first developed an interest in makeup. She noticed that there was a gap between ‘trendy’ brands on the one hand, and ‘responsible’ ones on the other. Furthermore, she found it curious that so many people had already made the switch to greener choices when it came to things like household products. Yet when it came to things more ‘personal’, they were less enthusiastic — probably because there were fewer inspiring products available.

Tiger, Tiger

Why tigers? According to Robillard, it’s because the brand has much in common with this creature. Impressive and powerful, yet also threatened, thanks to the choices that big brands and consumers alike make.

In creating the range, which boasts 12 shades, Robillard turned to, not only makeup experts, but also the Instagram community. As the people who both follow and drive the trends, as well as making brands visible, they gave their input on everything from formula, to design, to colours.

The result? A range that’s vegan and almost 100% natural. There’s also an emphasis on organically sourced products. Additionally, ingredients like aloe vera, jojoba and castor oil ensure that your lips stay hydrated — and (because this is a priority too!) kissable. And the unnatural products? Where these occur, they are mostly down to colour pigments. It’s still a far cry from what’s in most conventional lipsticks.

Delicious Dozen

There are twelve colours in the All Tigers range, with powerful names such as ‘Hear Me Roar’, ‘Shake the Ground,’ ‘Run the World’ and ‘Command Respect.’ Compared with many ranges on the market, twelve may not sound like many. Yet All Tigers want to take the same approach to cosmetics that brands are, increasingly, taking to fashion. Fast fashion results in the production of huge, and ultimately disposable, collections. The problems with cosmetics are similar — producing fewer products, but made with more attention to quality and ethics, is a step in the direction of rectifying this.

Nail lacquers already form part of the brand’s offering, and eyeshadows are soon to follow. As for eco-awareness? Sustainably managed forests are the source of the wood used in an All Tigers eye pencil. Additionally, all of the packaging takes an eco-responsible approach without compromising on style.

Ultimately, says Robillard, All Tigers is “a stylish and committed beauty brand, for the queens of the modern jungle.”

All Tigers is available from Superdrug (in store and online) for an RRP of £21.80

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