Rainn Wilson, An Idiot's Guide to Climate Change

An Idiot’s Guide to Climate Change

Emmy-nominated actor Rainn Wilson hosts a 6-part series on climate change

‘Hi, my name is Rainn. I am an actor and I care about the planet. So I’m going to Greenland with some scientists to witness first hand the melting of the glaciers and learn some hard science about climate change. I pray this makes even a little bit of difference. Also, don’t be an idiot.’

Rainn Wilson, An Idiot's Guide to Climate Change
Rainn Wilson, An Idiot’s Guide to Climate Change

So opens ‘An Idiot’s Guide to Climate Change’, a six-part docu-series hosted by Rainn Wilson, the Emmy-nominated, vegan actor from The Office.

Eve Andrews, writing in Grist, compared Rainn’s YouTube series released via SoulPancake to Zac Effron’s slicker Down to Earth series released on Netflix.

‘Whereas Efron and Olien meander through pointless detours to Costa Rican eco-resorts and Sardinian villages in a clumsy attempt to raise climate awareness, Wilson gets clear, actionable explanations and directives from accredited scientists regarding the causes of climate change.

‘Instead of dining on leaves and baking milk bread in a mud pit, Wilson asks a renowned Icelandic astronomer to lay out the bare fundamentals of climate understanding in a couple of minutes. Efron and Olien’s detailed tour of a geothermal plant, albeit informative, is not as compelling as Wilson’s visit to melting-in-real-time Greenland glaciers.’

Iceberg, An Idiot's Guide to Climate Change
Rainn Wilson, An Idiot’s Guide to Climate Change

Two episodes are available to view now – with new episodes released every Tuesday on SoulPancake’s YouTube channel. And I think Eve is spot on when it comes to the emotional punch of Rainn’s journey. It feels very personal and like he is being changed by the experience.

The night before he travels to Greenland, Rainn takes a moment in the hotel room to reflect on what he’s learned so far and he says, ‘The science is so complex. The sociology of this whole expedition is so complex. I mean, this issue is not just, like, pollution. It’s economics, its social justice. It’s how humanity relates to its precious Mother Earth. It’s how we relate to each other. It’s like an onion – the more you dig into the issues of climate change, around climate activism, the more complicated they get.’

Greenland, An Idiot's Guide to Climate Change
Rainn Wilson, An Idiot’s Guide to Climate Change

With short episodes – each one is around 10 minutes each – and sharp insights from the scientists, this is definitely a docu-series that is worth your time. Check out ‘An Idiot’s Guide to Climate Change’ on SoulPancake.

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