Asda using 90,000 plastic bottles to pave their carpark

Paving the Way with Plastic

And our Supermarket of the Month prize (well, if we had one!) goes to ASDA!! 

The Walmart owned store is certainly leading the supermarket innovation race in the UK. In a bid to resurface the car park of their Wakefield store, they have used 90,000 plastic water bottles which would otherwise have gone to landfill or incineration. 

The plastic is ground into tiny pieces and mixed with asphalt which then sets to form tarmac. In doing so, the amount of virgin petroleum usually needed is dramatically reduced, thereby bringing down the all-important carbon footprint.

 “This is a really innovative way to use plastic which cannot otherwise be recycled, and it demonstrates our commitment to looking for sustainable alternatives all across the business,” Asda construction manager Daniel Hargreaves said.

Hopefully, the concept will be rolled out to their other stores to eventually put an end to the 6,500 tonnes of plastic that are scrapped each year from their own-brand products.

ASDA has gone one step further and from the end of July, removed plastic carrier bags from online orders, saving over 500 tonnes of plastic every year. 

Let’s hope other supermarkets get in on the action. 

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