Bad Forests

Not all tree-planting schemes are created equal. Here’s how to tell the difference between a good and bad forest.

Reforestation is hot right now. Scientists agree that restoring forests around the world is a top climate change solution. Celebrities and NGOs are committing to planting up to a trillion trees and tree planting carbon off-set programmes are on the rise.

But not all forests are equal.

On a recent visit to Kenya, Joshi Gottlieb from Ecosia saw two different types of forests.

One was cool and humid, full of water, insects and birdsong. He describes the other one as full of ‘trees that felt hostile to life’. There were no streams, no sounds, no living things.

In this episode of Behind the Picture, Joshi asks an urgent question:

How can we tell the difference between trees that protect the future of our planet and those that are actually making the climate crisis worse?

He also outlines the four key questions we need to ask people and organisations that are planting trees.

Reforestation can have a huge impact in our quest to save the planet, but we need to get it right. ‘It’s complex, it’s hard,’ he says. ‘But when it works, it’s magnificent.’

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