The 7 Best Vegan Yorkshire Puddings for Your Holiday Feast

Vegan recipes abound for this traditional side.

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Long known as the must-have accompaniment to the Great British Roast – and so revered that it has its own National Day (the first Sunday of each February, since you asked!). Who can blame everyone else for having – well, beef – with the idea that living a plant-based life should preclude you from the stodgy, delicious carb-fest that is a Yorkshire pudding?

Have a search online and you’ll find no end of advice on how to make the perfect Yorkshire pudding. There are requirements ranging from ‘must be 4 inches tall” to whether or not the batter should be refrigerated overnight. As with any dish that’s steeped in tradition, debate rages around its perfect execution. Plant-based Yorkshire pudding is still in its relative infancy, fortunately. So you can swerve the arguments and get on with the business of making and – even more importantly – eating your preferred version.

1. School Night Vegan

Richard Makin, aka the School Night Vegan, was a lifelong vegetarian but, eventually, a convert to plant-based eating. He is also a Northerner who admits that missing the traditional Yorkshire was one of the first things that he struggled with when he upped his ante to veganism. His recipe uses aquafaba (the water from cooked chickpeas) and gram flour to replicate the bubble-holding action of egg whites.

2. Virtual Vegan

Devising the perfect vegan Yorkshire pudding is anything but easy, as Melanie McDonald will tell you. Nevertheless, she battled through (for over a year) and even managed to concoct a gluten-free one. It’s heaven for those of us for whom seasonal menus speak more of ‘famine’ than ‘feast.’ As for the Vegan Society, naturally, this site is a reliable source of vegan ideas, with alternative suggestions for whole egg replacer for your Yorkie.

3. Vegan Punks

Worried about the absence of eggs bleaching out that toothsomely yellow colour? Worried about an ability to rise? Check out this recipe.

4. Healthy Living James

Containing an easy-to- whisk five ingredients, these ‘Yorkies’ are gluten-free, as well as vegan. They need nothing more than GF self-raising flour, corn flour, baking powder, almond milk, and sunflower oil.

5. Vegan Recipe Society

Lots of vegan recipes try to replace the eggs with alternative ingredients. This one doesn’t bother – and they still come up fluffily delicious.

6. Gaz Oakley

Granted, many vegan Yorkshire pudding recipes rely upon the aforementioned aquafaba – and the mere thought can cause some people to crinkle their nose. Not a problem. This Gaz Oakley recipe gives you the crisp and fluff without the need to crack open a can.

7. Supermarket Chains

Big supermarket retailers have not been slow to come to the party when it comes to recognising that plant-based options are essential. As well as having products in their own aisles, they’re making it possible for consumers to whip up homemade versions. As well as Tesco, we have Sainsbury’s, with gram flour and soya milk offerings. Asda goes the chia seed route, well known to replicate fluffiness, bulk, and depth.

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