Brands Striking for the Climate

‘Future generations are inheriting the consequences caused by this generation’s failure to act on the climate crisis. They have every right to be fed up and worried for their future. We share the concerns of the youth climate activists, admire their determination and are here to lift their voices.

The time to act on climate is now.’
Joey Bergstein, CEO of Seventh Generation

Four major brands are joining the Global Climate Strikes on 20 and 27 September led by youth climate activists across the world. This is to coincide with the the UN’s emergency Climate Summit on 23 September in New York City. 

Ever since Greta Thunberg started her school strikes in August 2018, young people around the world have been holding climate strikes on Fridays. They have walked out of schools to draw attention to the growing climate crisis. 

This month, they will be joined by adults, brands and grassroots organisations. They will present a unified front to demand transformative action on climate change, including the immediate phase out of all fossil fuels. 

‘The climate crisis is a human issue – affecting all of us. We are inspired by the youth activists who have led a global movement, and Patagonia is calling for urgent and decisive action for people and our home planet. On Friday, September 20th, we will be walking out of our stores, striking with the youth activists and calling for our government to take action. 

There is no room in government for climate deniers and their inaction is killing us. We invite the business community and all those concerned about the fate of our planet and humankind to answer with action and join us.’
Rose Marcario, President & CEO, Patagonia

Global Climate Strike reports that people in 150 countries will be taking part, walking out of schools, factories, offices, farms. As they lay down the tools of their trade they will demonstrate that we cannot go on with business as usual. It’s time for urgent action. 

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Ben & Jerry’s, Lush Cosmetics, Seventh Generation and Patagonia are four of the brands supporting the strike. They have all agreed to close their stores on 20 September. 

‘As a business that’s long fought for the environment, we are acutely aware of the climate crisis and recognize both the indisputable science behind it, and the need for strong, tangible action to address it.

We are committed to disruptive, transformative change. That means a break in ‘business as usual’, holding our global leaders accountable and answering the call of the youth activists to join them on the streets this September.’
Mark Wolverton, CEO of Lush Cosmetics North America

The Amazon Rainforest continues to burn. Hurricane Dorian has caused ‘unprecedented’ destruction in the Bahamas. And across the globe, July was the hottest month on record. It’s against this backdrop that the UN Climate Summit is taking place.

‘The [UN Climate] Summit brings together government and business leaders around the world to do more than talk, but to clearly state how they will contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to climate impacts, and to keeping the world safely from warming above 1.5 degrees Celsius.’
Patricia Espinosa, United Nations Climate Official

True change requires action from those in charge of governments and organisations as well as individuals in their daily lives. As conscious consumers, we have the power to demand change by supporting brands that are putting the people and the planet above profits. And we can send a clear message to governments that the time for action is now.

This is what the climate strikes are for. 

‘My generation will be judged harshly for not acting in the face of a clear, scientific consensus around the crisis of climate change. We adults must now follow the lead of youth activists who are demanding a safe and sustainable future. I am inspired by the energy and determination of this youth-led movement and I am committed to helping them succeed.’
Matthew McCarthy, CEO of Ben & Jerry’s

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You can find your nearest climate strike event at Global Climate Strike

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