Brian May's New Luxury Fragrance Line Smells Like the Badgers It Saves

Brian May’s New Luxury Fragrance Line Smells Like the Badgers It Saves

The Queen frontman partnered with Sergio Momo on the new ‘Save Me’ fragrance.

Queen guitarist Brian May has been undergoing a transformation in recent years. In 2017 he received his PhD in astrophysics from Imperial College. The Hall of Famer has also taken to prioritizing a more compassionate and healthy lifestyle that includes adopting a vegan diet. Last November he launched a range of vegan clothes and accessories. Now, he’s adding luxury-perfumer-with-a-cause to his résumé.

Dubbed ‘Save Me,’ after the 1980 Queen single, the fragrance is a fundraiser for May’s Save Me Trust. It’s been a voice against the UK’s badger culling practices. The new fragrance is reminiscent of “sandalwood and badger.”

The Queen guitarist joins forces with Sergio Momo, founder and creative manager of Italian luxury goods brand Xerjoff, to launch the Save Me fragrance, a fund-raiser for the protection of wildlife.

“This amazing man is doing something wonderful for animal welfare,” May captioned an Instagram photo of himself and Momo as they signed limited-edition bottles of the new fragrance. The 50ml autographed bottles sell for £370 and unsigned ones sell for £177.

Brian May's New Luxury Fragrance Line Smells Like the Badgers It Saves
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Badgers and Bovine TB

2020 saw the largest ever annual badger cull, with more than 70,000 targeted, according to the Save Me Foundation. The group estimates more than 100,000 — one-quarter of Britain’s badgers — have been culled since 2013. May’s Foundation asserts that the Government’s Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs is failing to address the issue. It claims the culling can stop the spread of the disease. But May claims that more than seven years of culling has failed to produce any results. The disease, he says, continues to spread.

Bovine TB has been an issue in the UK for the last two decades. England’s numbers are the highest in all of Europe, despite the continued culling. Badgers spread the disease through close contact with cattle or drinking from their water sources. The disease poses no threat to humans.

“How can we, a nation that considers itself enlightened and animal-loving, be allowing the slaughter of our precious wildlife by this out-of-control government, under the false claim that it is helping farmers control disease?” Dr. May wrote about the UK’s 2020 badger cull.

“Hiding behind the smokescreen of the [bovine TB] pandemic, the Government’s merciless slaughter of thousands of Britain’s badgers continues almost unnoticed,” he wrote. “Even if it were achieving its declared aim of controlling disease in cattle, it would be shocking in its cruelty. But in the light of the complete absence of any proof that it is helping farmers, the senselessness of this carnage beggars belief. A series of governments over the last 10 years, ignoring morality, science and common sense, have spent millions in public money pursuing a policy which is failing to protect farmers’ livelihoods, and driving our native badgers towards extinction.”

For more information, check out the fragrance line here.

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