Beyonce and Jay Z

5 Celebrities Who Eat Vegan For The Planet

Eating for the planet – as well as for the animals and our own health, none the less – has become big news over the last few years, which is partially down to our friends at Veganuary, as well as the realisation that we need to do something pretty drastic to save the planet for our generation (yes, it really is that urgent) and for our children’s futures. 

Leading the way are a handful of A-listers who we love and applaud.

The Top 5 Eco-Friendly, Vegan Celebrities

Beyonce and Jay Z
Beyoncé and Jay-Z are eating better for the planet

1. Jay Z and Beyoncé

Not only did they help launch vegan meal business, 22 Days Nutrition, but they penned introductions in bestselling author, Marco Borges’ 2018 book, “The Greenprint: Plant Based Diet, Best Body, Better World.” They don’t just eat healthier these days, they’re betting on it, too. As in, investing in major vegan brands like Impossible Foods, which makes vegan burgers that look, cook, and taste just like the real thing.

Lewis Hamilton is an outspoken advocate for animals and the planet | Hamilton/Instagram

2. Lewis Hamilton

Most definitely our favourite Formula One champion, this incredible driver has taken to sharing regular vegan messages with his 10 million followers on Instagram when he’s not rescuing koalas from Australia’s fires, standing up for Black Lives Matter, or any of the other countless efforts he makes toward building a brighter future.

Superstar Lizzo is a vegan Tiktok star| Lizzo/Instagram

3. Lizzo

“Juice” singer Lizzo is changing perceptions. Whether about body size and shape, Black Lives, voting, or saving the planet. She’s got a lot of empowering thoughts all around but one of her most inspiring narratives may just be about food. Swing over to her TikTok page and watch her whip up so delicious-looking vegan feasts.

Black Eyed Peas frontman is vegan

As a result of the Black Eyed Peas star going vegan back in 2018, the #VGANG hashtag exploded! He regularly talks about the health benefits, as well as the ethical aspect of a plant-based diet. And he’s sorry not sorry if you don’t like it. The star even worked some lyrics into a recent BEP song. You eat the yellowtail, I’ma eat the plant-based,” he raps on the track Viibrations. “I ain’t chewing on no food, with two eyes and a face.” 

Chris Smalling

5. Chris Smalling

How could we forget the greatest football team in the world (no bias here!), Manchester United defender and dog-loving vegan, Chris, is the parent to dogs Ruben and Miley, regular stars of his Instagram, and soon to be parent of a human baby with lovely wife, Sam.

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