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Key Takeaways

The crisis is putting us all through a shared experience and the universality of what we’re sharing enables us to see on a level playing field the different ways businesses are reacting and responding. B Corps have embedded this principle of business as a force for good and also the frameworks for making decisions and considering different stakeholders – putting people first, putting the environment first.

The crisis is impacting, not just business and government and people, but all the ways those things are interacting with one another. You’re seeing the relationships being redefined.

B Corps have been working for systems change for years, and now we’re in the middle of systems change. Not the way any of us wanted it, but it’s here and we have to influence the change that is happening.

There has been a natural tension between the urgency to act and the overwhelming scale of the change required – something that requires time to get right. But the fact that we’re all undergoing the systems changes now that we thought were going to take decades…it’s now or never.

One of the big challenges for us on an individual and intellectual systems level is to try to frame the two big emergencies of our time – the climate emergency and the social inequality emergency – as that oppositional force. We have to cast those as enemies to design against that.

The Gift

Whilst Chris’ normal creative outlet is in the relationships he has, he’s finding a new outlet in writing something every day – something no one will ever see! He recommends giving it a try as a way to keep being creative. And it can also help us prevent amnesia – forgetting the lessons we’re learning through this crisis.



Chris is Executive Director of B Lab UK, the charity building the B Corporation movement in the UK. B Lab supports a growing community of companies that are using business as a force for good.

Chris has a varied background working in the US, Europe and Africa: he begun his career in marketing, dabbled in politics, led two successful startups, and built a portfolio of innovative international development projects for a major foundation.

Prior to B Lab UK, Chris led an Open Innovation consultancy practice, advising a wide range of clients on innovation and strategy.

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