Christian Kroll, Ecosia

Christian Kroll

Key Takeaways: 

Working with great people and a great mission contributes to happiness much more than a high bank balance does

We need to reimagine business to benefit society and the planet; we’re in a network and the better off others are, the better off we all are

What we need is a mindset shift and to help the next generation become the ‘re-generation’, helping to repair the planet

This crisis really drives home the importance of community and relationships and taking care of each other

Every search that you do on Ecosia – because we’re planting trees – takes about 1 kilogram of CO2 out of the atmosphere, that’s quite a lot when you add it all up!

The Gift: 

5 Ways to Make a Positive Impact on the Word: 

  1. People should avoid flights whenever possible; that’s the most important lever we have in Western society
  2. Reduce consumption and only buy products that are really sustainable
  3. Use a green bank or invest in green companies
  4. Switch to a green electricity provider
  5. Stop eating meat and dairy and buy local and organic products from farms that are removing carbon with their practices


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Christian Kroll is the founder and CEO of Ecosia, the green search engine that uses its profits to plant trees.

Christian grew up in Wittenberg in East Germany and studied business administration at Nürnberg, thinking he might become a stock broker. This changed when he went travelling through Nepal and Argentina, where he witnessed first-hand the devastating effects of massive deforestation. He returned to Berlin and decided to start an ethical business focused on reforestation, knowing that trees could tackle not only the climate crisis, but also social inequality. Needing a way to fund the trees, Christian landed on the idea of building a search engine and founded Ecosia in 2009, with the help of a few friends.

Ecosia has gone on to become the world’s largest not-for-profit search engine and has planted over 90 million trees in biodiversity hotspots across 23 countries. In 2014 Ecosia became Germany’s first certified B Corporation, and in 2018 Christian gave away his right to ever sell Ecosia or take dividends out of the company.

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