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Conversations that Change You

The team select five moments from SHINEfest 2020 that we just can’t shake

You know that feeling you get, after a really good conversation, of still being slightly under its spell? The way it gets your mind going, sparking questions and shifting your worldview ever so slightly – or, if you’re lucky, dramatically…

That’s the way we’ve felt the past couple of weeks after the 44 conversations we hosted as part of SHINEfest 2020. Talk about mental stimulation!

We brought together filmmakers and entrepreneurs, adventurers and scientists, humanitarians and authors to tell us what they were learning during the government-imposed lockdowns as a response to the Coronavirus pandemic. The conversations provided a really human view into what life has been like, what we collectively want to take forward as we emerge from the crisis and how we might build back better.

Every conversation we had brought some fresh insight or new way of looking at the world, but we each had a few moments that truly stuck out, that have been playing over and over in our minds.

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Renee King-Sonnen

‘Renee’s positivity and huge heart connected with me from the moment I first met her, and she brings both to this conversation. She sums up what we need to do moving forward and it’s so simple – act out of love and compassion and we’ll make the world a better place.’

Rachel McClelland

Watch the full conversation with Renee King-Sonnen

Marco Borges

‘For me, this part of the conversation really resonated and made me think about who I am as a person and how much of that is genetic make-up and how much of that is habit. And if more of it is habit, then how can I change those habits for the better. Plenty to think about!’

Laura Royston

Watch the full conversation with Marco Borges

Sam Conniff

‘Local and global events are exposing the cracks in the systems we rely on and live our lives by. But the truth is, they’re not fit for purpose. Whether we transform them from within or tear them down to build something new, it will be a turbulent time. But behind the edge of the map lies huge opportunity…’

Julie Reid

Watch the full conversation with Sam Conniff

Alessandra Sollberger

‘Finally – money talks the right language. If we all follow the smart, future-focused investor set, we’ll end up in a very similar place to that which we’d end up in if we follow the ‘radicalise-the-global-system’ set. Capital and ideals moving in the same direction and burning the Friedmanite shareholder tyranny bullshit on the way out is both a first and an a massive opportunity for humanity.’

Julian Borra

Watch the full conversation with Alessandra Sollberger

Guy Singh-Watson

‘Although not strictly a lesson learned during lockdown I think Guy Singh-Watson’s preference of driving tractors over attending board meetings struck me as not only hilarious but mind-blowing. In an era of start ups looking to scale up and cash out here’s a great insight into how employee ownership creates a happier workforce, a more resilient company – especially in economic downturns – and a business model that creates real wealth. Stakeholders not shareholders, inspiring all employees to engage and prosper. What does this all mean? More time for driving tractors, of course…’

Mark Downes

Watch the full conversation with Guy Singh-Watson

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