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Keynote: Dr Martin Valenti, South of Scotland Enterprise. 
Dr Martin Valenti is a serial disruptor and award winning sustainability practitioner with extensive experience in strategic business engagement and innovation. For over 30 years he has worked in a variety of senior management roles shaping and delivering inclusive growth initiatives and directing major collaborative projects.

Morning Sessions



Nature Panel hosted by Peter Cairns, Scotland:The Big Picture
How can aligning with nature and supporting regenerative projects be a force for good, both for planet and for business?

Systems Change Panel hosted by Dr Sally Uren, Forum for the Future
We are all part of an interconnected ecosystem but we are amidst a climate emergency and urgent action is needed.

Energy Panel hosted by Helen Taylor, One Blue Marble
What should the energy grid look like in 2030 and what are the ramifications of this?

Afternoon Sessions



Transport Panel hosted by Chris Ramsey, Electric Vehicle Adventurer
How will we achieve a just transition in the global transport sector?

Finance Panel hosted by Andrew Smith
After a WWF report in 2019 found that UK banks and asset managers collectively financed projects that emitted 805million tonnes of greenhouse gases, the finance department industry needs to evolve if the UK has any change of meeting its Paris Agreement Targets. But how?

Skills for a Just Transition Talk
How will we achieve a skills transition for Net Zero?

Film: Round Britain Climate Challenge


Welcome to COPtimism



Keynote: Chris Turner, B Lab UK
Chris is Executive Director of B Lab UK, the charity building the B Corporation movement in the UK. B Lab supports a growing community of companies that are using business as a force for good.

Morning Session



Keynote: Tess Kelly, Quorn
Tess Kelly leads the social impact programme for Quorn Foods as part of the business 2030 Net Positive Ambition, having worked in varied roles across research, communications and sustainability. An academic background in health psychology and behaviour change supports her human-centred approach within the sustainable development agenda of the business.

Food Panel sponsored by Quorn and hosted by Tess Kelly, Quorn
Climate change is threatening our food security and with a growing population, how can food innovation and culinary traditions come together to fight climate change and create food security?

Afternoon Sessions



Keynote: Dr David Alexander, OBE
David Alexander is a professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, where his primary areas of research are solar physics, exoplanetary physics and earth remote sensing. Alexander also serves as the Director of the Rice Space Institute where he is responsible for providing vision, direction and leadership, managing the various institute programs, identifying and fostering research opportunities for our faculty, and interacting with government and the space industry.

Scottish Rebels Panel hosted by Louise Macdonald, Institute of Directors
The Scottish government has set itself a legally binding target to get greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2045, five years ahead of the UK…

Fashion Panel hosted by Sarah Ratty, Sustainable Fashion Expert
The fast fashion model will never be sustainable, accounting for more than 10% of greenhouse gas emissions. How can brands transition and grow?

Media and Tech Panel hosted by Paul Coleman
How can we harness the power of media and technology to help us save the planet?

Sport Panel hosted by Claire Poole, Sport Positive 
The Euro 2020 final was watched by 30.95 million citizens. So, how can we use the power of sport to unify people to act in the Climate Emergency?

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