Cruelty-Free Interiors

Meet Chloe Bullock, the woman styling homes the vegan way

Chloe Bullock, Materialise Interiors

We recently had the opportunity to catch up with Chloe Bullock and find out more about vegan interior design.

My name’s Chloe Bullock and I am an interior designer, and I run Materialise Interiors based in Brighton.

A vegan designer is somebody who avoids the use of animals and the testing of animals in the specifications they choose for their client’s interiors.

Working in the industry for years and realising that the natural options aren’t necessarily natural, there are a lot of chemicals involved. I compliment my vegan design knowledge with learning about healthy interiors, so I have studied the WELL Building Standard which is about healthy buildings and making buildings human-centric. We are making airtight spaces and then we are closing ourselves into those spaces with off-gassing materials, so we just need to be very conscious of VOC contents and PVC and things like that.

Working in commercial industry I need to put in long-lasting materials, long-lasting wall finishes and some of these materials just aren’t suitable and the vegan alternatives are better even if it’s not from a vegan or animal lover perspective, it’s from a putting the right thing in that will last because I really do believe that we should put in interiors that are going to last a long time and put in things that people love.

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