Dale Vince

Key Takeaways:

We’ve found incredible sums of money to throw at fighting this virus. We’ve spent 1/3 of the cost of getting the country to net zero by 2050 – that’s ten years worth of funds spent in a few months.

People used to say that fighting climate change would require changes to our lifestyles that we couldn’t support. ‘Look at what can happen when we perceive the immediate, very real threat of death.’

The misconception of not eating meat and dairy is that you think you’ll be restricting your choices. But the truth is you’ll broaden your choices because if you have to eat meat and dairy – if they’re the centre of your plate – that’s a restriction in itself.

There are many generations of people that will follow us on this earth and how we behave today is of fundamental importance to the kind of life they have.

This pandemic is rooted in the same causes as the climate crisis: factory farming, flying and the excess burning of fossil fuels spreading the pollution which exacerbates the death rate and may even be carrying the virus itself.


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Dale Vince is a green entrepreneur and climate change campaigner.  From founding the world’s first green energy company, Ecotricity with a single windmill in 1995 to becoming a United Nations Climate Change Champion in 2018, he’s made saving the planet his life mission.  Dale is also Chairman of Forest Green Rovers football club. 

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