Eco Hotels Leading the Way

If you are already planning your next getaway, take a look at these three eco hotels as recommended by Kelley Louise at Impact Travel.

We already have our suitcases packed.

With thanks for video footage from Lokal Travel, Playa Viva, HI USA.

Transcript: There’s actually three examples that I really like to share that break down how you can have a sustainable experience in very different settings, the first of which is Playa Viva, which is a eco lodge in Mexico and it’s this really cool boutique hotel and they have sustainability initiatives integrated throughout. Everything from the architecture of the building itself, they’ve actually built it in a way that it’s raised up enough off of the ground so that they get this natural wind coming in from the ocean so that they don’t need air-conditioning in the rooms, they also have a turtle sanctuary on site, they have prioritized community development into all components of how they’re integrating the community into how that’s interacting with the travellers and they are certainly a luxury accommodation.

Hostelling International have locations all around the world and in particular their United States arm HI USA has really, really, great sustainability initiatives, they just launched a project with these new showerheads and it’s LED lights that actually track your water usage and make it easy for you to cut down even 30 seconds on your shower will take off that’s a gallon of water is that saved and so they have all of these different ways to teach you about what sustainability looks like in the hostel itself and that’s a completely budget savvy option for when you’re staying somewhere visiting.

So there’s another location that’s also luxury that I really like talking about called, it’s the W escapes location in Costa Rica they built their whole hotel on a very sustainable driven approach, everything from thinking about using solar-powered energy for all of the energy at the hotel itself, over to the fact that they have a closed loop system where you eat something at the restaurant and then they have composting on-site where they’re also growing a lot of their vegetables there on-site as well. So that W hotels is a huge corporation and a huge resort that you can go to and that property in Costa Rica has some really great sustainable tourism initiatives.

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