Greenbackers Investment Capital

planetSHINE in partnership with Greenbackers

We are proud to announce our partnership with Greenbackers Investment Capital …..

Greenbackers Investment Capital are green finance specialists working with Net Zero Ventures in earthtech, oceantech and cleantech and related subsectors. With presence in London, Glasgow and Houston they fund advanced innovation and commercial businesses seeking Seed, Series A, B & C raises, working with national and international funding sources covering equity, debt, asset and project finance. Greenbackers are celebrating the fact that its hometown of Glasgow is hosting the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Nov 2021 by selecting 26  promising climate start-ups and helping them secure growth funding. These selected ventures are being promoted via Greenbackers online Showcase, an invitation-only dealroom, to their network of over 3000 investors. The program culminates in a ‘SuperPitch’, a showcase-style event in Glasgow during the COP to be hosted live and livestreamed to members of their investor network with awards being given in various categories.

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