BBC Brings Greta Thunberg's Climate Fight to New Documentary

Greta Thunberg Strikes Online

You can stay safe from coronavirus and still take climate action – join Greta Thunberg’s #ClimateStrikeOnline

For the past 82 weeks, it’s been a common sight on a Friday to see young people gathering to strike outside government buildings or participating in marches in city streets.

Ever since Greta Thunberg first sat outside her parliament to strike for the climate, the Fridays for Future movement has swept the world bringing people together in solidarity – regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or background.

Greta and other young climate activists striking for the climate in Brussels
via Greta Thunberg, Instagram

But with the threat of coronavirus – and global governments taking steps to stop large social gatherings – Greta is asking people to stay home and join her in a #ClimateStrikeOnline.

In a series of tweets, Greta outlined why she was taking her strike online today.

‘We can’t solve a crisis without treating it as a crisis and we must unite behind experts and science. This of course goes for all crises.

Now the experts urge us to avoid big public gatherings for a better chance to #flattenthecurve and slow the spreading of the Coronavirus.

Chart from Our World in Data showing that early counter measures are important in dealing with coronavirus.
Our World in Data

So I personally recommend that we do as the experts say. Especially in high-risk areas.

We young people are the least affected by this virus but it’s essential that we act in solidarity with the most vulnerable and that we act in the best interest of our common society.

The climate and ecological crisis is the biggest crisis humanity has ever faced but for now (of course depending on where you live) we’ll have to find new ways to create public awareness & advocate for change that don’t involve too big crowds – listen to local authorities.

So keep your numbers low but your spirits high and let’s take one week at the time.

You can join the #DigitalStrike for upcoming Fridays- post a photo of you striking with a sign and use the hashtag #ClimateStrikeOnline! #fridaysforfuture #climatestrike #schoolstrike4climate’

So if you want to take part, follow these four steps:

Take it Online and join using #ClimateStrikeOnline
One - take a picture of yourself with your climate strike sign
Two - post your picture using #ClimateStrikeOnline
Three - tag your local Fridays for Future group
Four - tell your friends to do the same
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