Guy Singh-Watson

Guy Singh-Watson

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Key Takeaways:

Choice is incredibly expensive to the environment as well as being socially expensive – it always comes at a cost

The crisis is bringing them back to the core business they love – delivering seasonal food with the minimum environmental impact and the greatest social benefit

We assume the world is going to carry on more or less as it is and then suddenly it changes rapidly – it’s fascinating to watch different people respond to that

There is potential for a lot of good to come out of this, largely stemming from people re-evaluating their lives, re-evaluating the things they took as read and never really thought about

How a London-centric agenda paired with a lifestyle that prioritises wealth over everything else is ruining things for the rest of us



Self-confessed veg nerd, Guy Singh-Watson has over the last 30 years taken Riverford from one man and a wheelbarrow delivering homegrown organic veg to friends, to a national veg box scheme delivering to around 55,000 customers a week.

Guy is an opinionated and admired figure in the world of organic farming, who still spends more time in the fields than in the boardroom. Twice awarded BBC Radio 4 Farmer of the Year, Guy is passionate about sharing with others the organic farming and business knowledge he has accumulated over the last three decades.

His weekly veg box newsletters connect customers to the farm with refreshingly honest accounts of the trials and tribulations of producing organic food, and the occasional rant about farming, ethical and business issues he feels strongly about. They are also published online by Riverford’s magazine, Wicked Leeks, and can be received as part of a free weekly newsletter by signing up at

In June 2018, Guy handed over the reins of Riverford to its staff, choosing employee ownership as the model that will protect Riverford’s ethical values forever and ensure the security of its employees.

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