Halle Berry and Shawn Mendes Want You to Drink More Water. Just Without the Plastic Bottle.

Flow taps all-stars as newest ambassadors for its plastic-free electrolyte water.

Academy Award-winning actress Halle Berry and singer/songwriter Shawn Mendes are two of the new brand ambassadors for Flow, the sustainably packaged electrolyte water brand.

Listing off her accomplishments in the new ad, Berry — an actor, Academy Award winner, director, entrepreneur, and mother — says that “just like everyone else, I’m 60% water.”

Berry and Mendes are joined by NBA All-Star Russell Westbrook III, media influencer and DJ Hannah Bronfman, model Paloma Elsesser, and Black Eyed Peas’ member Taboo. The ambassadors say they’re standing together “to take their commitment to health, wellness, and sustainability to the next level.” Both Mendes and Berry are investors in the brand as well.

The launch coincides with Earth Month and comes on the heels of the documentary “Seaspiracy,” which addresses plastic in the oceans. Instead of plastic bottles, Flow uses recyclable Tetrapaks to help reduce plastic waste.

Flow and Mendes have also partnered to distribute “Wonder Grants” to the Shawn Mendes Foundation. It works to provide grants to young adults for projects focused on the arts, human rights, education, science, and technology. Flow is specifically targeted at “sustainability activists” with its grants to help support clean water access and conservation.

 “As one of millions of young people passionate about creating a better future for our planet,” Mendes says, “I hope to continue making a difference with this forward-thinking brand that shares the same goals.”

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