Homeless After 25 Years Abroad

In 2016, Sasha found herself homeless having returned to the UK after 25 years of teaching abroad.

This is her story.

‘I refused to be scared. That’s what kept me going.’

Homelessness isn’t just about rough sleeping.

Two years ago, Sasha lost her job teaching abroad and at the age of 68 found herself returning to the UK without a home. She spent six months sofa surfing in London.

It was at this time that Sasha joined The Choir with No Name, where she found a vital support network as well as an opportunity to leave her worries at the door and sing.

After months of uncertainty, not knowing where she would be staying from week to week, Sasha now has her own flat and continues to sing with her choir family.

For the month of December, we’re bringing you a series of videos from Homeless Stories, a film initiative that tells the stories of the men and women who end up homeless and the charities that support them.

We spoke to the founders, Glenn and Dave, to learn more.

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