5 Vegan Banana Bread Recipes That Will Change Your Life

5 Vegan Banana Bread Recipes That Will Change Your Life

How to make it perfect, every time.

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Thanks to lockdown, banana bread has had something of a star turn this year. Search the term on social media and you’ll find 1.7 million tags on Instagram, with an additional 32.4k recipe tags. And no wonder, because not only is baking therapeutic, but banana bread is also an excellent way to use up past-their-best bananas. The result? You calm your mood and reduce waste in one fell swoop. Best of all, you get to eat scrumptious banana bread, fresh from the oven, while making your home smell delicious.

So, here are our picks of some of the best recipes to get you inspired. And if you have browning bananas but no immediate time or inclination to bake? No drama — you can freeze them for later use — just defrost before mashing.

Vegan Banana Bread Recipes

Connoisseurus Veg

1. Connoisseurus Veg

The cute logo of a dinosaur brandishing a carrot is an immediate win. You don’t even need to find an egg substitute, because the bananas do the job for you. You can also customise it with additions of your choice, like dairy-free chocolate chips or nuts. Don’t forget to add the sugar sprinkle, so that your banana bread gets that delicious, crunchy crust.

Find the recipe here

The Baking Fairy

2. The Baking Fairy

Valentina’s banana bread recipe yields a moist and dense cake, which you can whip up in a flash. Stir in a spoonful of peanut or almond butter for the nutty taste without a crunchy texture, if that’s your thing. In a further twist, she recommends using medium-ripe bananas, so you don’t even have to wait until yours are going brown.

Find the recipe here

Simple Veganista

3. Simple Veganista

This recipe is not only egg- and dairy-free but it’s also gluten-free. A true boon for any gluten-intolerant or coeliac people out there. It uses buckwheat, which is not a wheat at all, but a highly-nutritious seed. Oil replaces butter, so you can use a nut oil if you like a faintly nutty flavour. The recipe also recommends adding a touch of cinnamon for extra spice. The result is a deliciously dark and dense banana bread that looks as good as it tastes.

Find the recipe here

Domestic Gothess

4. Domestic Gothess

Again, there’s no need to seek out egg replacer for this fluffy, moist recipe. Just grab your brown bananas, some oil, soy milk and brown sugar. Baking powder, bicarbonate of soda, and some cider or white wine vinegar help the banana bread to rise, and salt, cinnamon, and vanilla enhance the flavour. Secret tip? Don’t over-beat the batter if you want a light and fluffy result.

Find the recipe here

5. Loving It Vegan

Coconut oil adds the fat in this recipe, while eggs are made superfluous with the addition of flaxseed. There’s also a simplification, in that the bananas get whizzed up with other ingredients, rather than mashed separately. It’s a small thing, but if it gets that bread out of the oven more quickly — and creates less washing up — we’re on board. There are handy tips on additions, freezing, and substitutions, too. There’s even guidance on how to divvy your batter up into muffins — breakfast on the go, sorted.

Find the recipe here

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