Inge Wallage

Inge Wallage

Key Takeaways:

The way that our society has changed might help us all recognise our humanity and employers may flex to accommodate that more

The longer we stay under various lockdown measures, the more we’ll come out of it changed

Mother Nature is claiming back her right – nature is rebounding in the absence of human activity – and we need to embrace and work with nature moving forward

When we take choices, we often do this democratically; but that means that there will be ‘winners’ and ‘losers’. Deep democracy means that rather than go with the majority rules, you need to invite the other viewpoints and find consent, not consensus.

This has clarified the need to find structure that you can create for yourself rather than a system imposed upon you so that you can align it with your values and priorities

The Gift:

‘Borders…I’ve never seen them, but I know they live in the minds of some people.’ – Thor Heyerdahl


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When Inge moved from big oil to Greenpeace, her life changed significantly. An advisor and coach, she works where (guidance on) change is desired; with teams in companies and organisations – large and small – to find their new realities, their new destiny. She uses her own methodology, based on her many years working in strategic communications and tops it with (elements from) Deep Democracy, Systemic Coaching and Spirituality.

A ‘change maker’ and owner of The Butterfly Effect, she organises debates, workshops and ceremonies to engage in conversations, explore common wisdom and craft future stories. She advises on and creates communications strategies with clients.

Inge chairs debates with the intention to drive conversations to seek the power and the wisdom that lies with the crowd. She enjoys speaking opportunities. Inge believes that borders are imaginary, true listening an art, and is convinced of the power of stories, and of fiction in particular. She is writing her first novel, in addition to poetry.

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