Jane Goodall Inspired This New Kids Show About Endangered Species

Jane Goodall Inspired This New Kids Show About Conservation

The famed primatologist and her work with endangered species is the subject of Apple’s new show for kids.

Apple Originals has commissioned  ‘Jane’, a children’s programme inspired by famed primatologist, Jane Goodall. The show highlights the plights of endangered species and the need to protect them.

Mixing live-action and CGI, each episode will follow 10-year-old Jane Garcia and her team on an imaginative mission to save an animal in peril, inspired by her heroine, Dr. Jane Goodall. The show arc mirrors the real-life journeys of Goodall, now 86.

Goodall has spent her life fighting for the protection and preservation of the natural world. The TV series is driven by her words: “Only if we understand, will we care. Only if we care, will we help. Only if we help, can they be saved.”

‘Jane’ marks the second Apple Original that focuses on educating younger audiences about the environment. Animated short ‘Here We Are: Notes for living on Planet Earth’, based on the best-selling Oliver Jeffers book, broadcast in 2020. Emmy-award winning production company Sinking Ship has created the new series.The Jane Goodall Institute will also executive produce.

Jane Goodall Inspired This New Kids Show About Conservation
Jane Goodall | Jane Goodall Institute

The Jane Goodall Institute  

The Jane Goodall Institute was founded in 1977 to further Dr. Goodall’s mission of the protection and preservation of the natural world. Goodall’s career as a conservationist started at the age of 26 when she traveled from England to Gombe, Tanzania, in 1960. Famed for her unorthodox approach, she immersed herself in the chimpanzees’ natural habitat to experience their complex society. Her discovery that chimpanzees make and use tools is considered one of the greatest achievements of twentieth-century scholarship and redefined the relationship between humans and animals. 

According to the Institute, in 1900, an estimated 1 million chimpanzees lived in the wild. Today, there are as few as 340,000. The Institute works to ensure species conservation. But its work also includes the needs of local young people.

Education is seen as key. The Institute offers a variety of scholarship programs that encourage girls to stay in school. However, health support is also seen as crucial, providing them with sanitary supplies, a peer support network, and family planning information. So far, 600 girls have returned to school after the mentorship programme and 309 girls have been awarded scholarships.

Apple Originals have yet to announce the release date for ‘Jane’.

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