Jarvis Smith

Jarvis Smith

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Key Takeaways:

Everyone is being given an opportunity to be with themselves. It’s about inner work, listening and communicating with nature. We can stop, evaluate what’s going on in our lives and consider how we want to move on after that.

We’re not social distancing. We’re physically distancing, but socially reconnecting. This is a huge opportunity to reconnect in ways we haven’t experienced before.

This is an opportunity to ask, ‘do we need all those things that are causing most of the damage to the planet?’ Probably not. ‘Can we change our lifestyles?’ Easily. Look how quickly we’ve done it. ‘And are we willing to commit to this change in lifestyle?’ … That’s the big question.

We’ve all become human doers, not human beings. We’re method acting what we think being human means. But we’re operating within an illusion set up by media, Hollywood and adversing. We need to align the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual parts of ourselves to live wholly.

What are you good at? How could you bring that to bear over the next 10 years? That’s where you’ll find your purpose.

The Gifts:

Close your eyes and focus on your breath. As you breathe in and out, imagine taking yourself to your most favourite place – the place that brings you joy and happiness. Be in that place for a moment and feel what that feels like. You can always find that place. Take a breath and bring that feeling of joy and happiness out with you into the wider world.

Bob Marley, One Love


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Jarvis Smith is a communications expert, TV personality, singer/songwriter and founder of the P.E.A. (People. Environment. Achievement.) Awards. Conscious living dominates his personal and professional life, leading him to co-found MyGreenPod.com and MyGreenPod magazine – Europe’s largest ethical lifestyle magazine – with The Guardian.

My Green Pod Ltd is an independent, family-run UK business, founded by Katie Hill and Jarvis Smith. We want to share the real stories behind the brands and people working tirelessly to offer ethical alternatives to mainstream products and services.

You might not see these options on the high street and they may not be the first to appear in online searches.

Unlike any other company we know, we meet and connect personally with the owners of the companies we work with. We do this because we believe authentically ethical products and services can only be produced and supplied with conscious, heartfelt intent.

Plenty of businesses are cashing in on the trend towards natural and organic products, but if those companies are cutting corners to be the first to market – whether in their packaging, their supply chains, their ingredients or their staff welfare – they won’t be featured here. This isn’t something you can check by visiting a website, so we go behind the scenes to investigate the company’s entire DNA.

Our Hero products and services are the most effective and enjoyable alternatives to mainstream options that we can find. We use them in our home and we use them on our family. They’re also from companies that are working in co-creation with the planet – intentionally operating in harmony with nature and in service to the wellbeing of their customers.

With your support, these companies could change the face of business and the health of our environment – and you could save some cash and discover some extremely effective ethical products along the way!

Every time you buy from our Marketplace, we’ll plant a tree in the tropics (through charity partner TreeSisters) as our way of saying thank you for helping to change the path of the future. Together, lots of small actions make a huge difference.



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