Kind Laundry: Cleaning Up the Planet Along With Your Clothes

Kind Laundry: Cleaning Up the Planet Along With Your Clothes

What if something as simple as doing your laundry could help cleanse the planet of its bad habits, too?

Kind Laundry doesn’t mind a little dirt. That’s a fairly simple problem to fix. What it’s focused on is cleaning up how we treat the planet. And that’s a much more complicated process. 

Driven by a mission to create a sustainable future, Kind Laundry’s founders Bernard Law and Angie Tran set out to clean up the planet by simply changing how we do our laundry. Like most of us, laundry was never a high point of their household responsibilities, but dealing with those big, bulky laundry detergent bottles only made the task itself feel harder to manage. 

It’s not that they were against recycling those bottles–quite the opposite. But not all plastic ends up where it’s supposed to. And when it doesn’t get properly recycled, it can wind up in our oceans and waterways, putting marine life at risk. Some experts suggest that plastic could outnumber fish in the oceans by 2050. And plastic creates a whole host of human health risks, too.

Nearly 13 million people a year die from preventable exposure to harmful chemicals and pollutants as well as climate change. 

It was all enough to make doing laundry more than just a chore. For Law and Tran, it was an entry point to a kinder planet.

Kind Laundry: Cleaning Up the Planet Along With Your Clothes
Founders Bernard Law and Angie Tran

“We were driven to start Kind Laundry to offer the marketplace an alternative to single-use plastic jugs. We know there are many people who share the same concerns for the environment and they want to do their part in reducing plastic consumption. However, there are currently not many laundry detergent options out there that are completely plastic-free and safe to use,” Law notes on the company website.

“The statistics can feel overwhelming but change has to start somewhere,” says Law. “We don’t know any major brands right now that can say their detergent is non-toxic and keeps sustainability at the center of every single step of their business operation.”

The zero-waste laundry brand was born.

Kind Laundry is a simple, subscription-based zero-waste laundry detergent service. The brand has revolutionized laundry detergent by putting all the stain-fighting power into a detergent sheet that’s fully biodegradable. No plastic, no messy liquid, no fuss.

Now, the award-winning brand (It was recently named the ‘Best Eco-friendly Laundry Detergent’ by Better Homes and Gardens Magazine) is on a mission to displace one billion plastic laundry jugs thrown away every year. The completely sustainable, non-toxic, and plastic-free laundry products make it easy for consumers to make the ethical choice.

Kind Laundry’s subscription service makes it easy to stay stocked and keeps you off the plastic for good.

“We are here to disrupt and challenge the status quo,” says Law, “and offer an eco-friendly alternative that many people have been searching for.”

To learn more, visit Kind Laundry’s website.

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