Latest Research


It can be difficult to know where to find a reliable source of information when it comes to the topics dominating our headlines.

So we’ve pulled together a list of the organisations we trust and the latest research that we use in our stories. We’ll continue to add updates to this page as we go.

Fashion & Beauty

House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee
Fixing Fashion: Clothing Consumption and Sustainability

British Fashion Council
Future of Fashion: Strategic Considerations for Growth

Food & Drink

New Citizenship Project
The Future of Food

Home & Garden

House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee
Toxic Chemicals in Everyday Life

Nature & Environment

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
Climate Change and Land (opens in a new tab)”>Special Report > Climate Change and Land

UN Environment

NASA Climate Change

Crowther Lab
Future Cities: Climates in 2050
Global Tree Restoration Potential

Travel & Adventure


Work & Business

Nielsen Group
Sustainable Shoppers Buy the Change They Wish to See in the World
Global Consumers Seek Companies That Care About Environmental Issues