Lounge Wear = Office Wear

As we make the transition to working at home full-time, we’re relishing the chance to wear more comfortable clothes.

One brand popping up in my Instagram feed lately – both for their yoga-inspired loungewear and shared penchant for hugging trees – is Miakoda New York.

Pronounced me-a-co-da (meaning power of the moon), this boutique, women-owned fashion line is made exclusively from plant-based material and is 100% cruelty-free.

As stated on the company’s website, sisters Julia and Laura’s mission is ‘to create clothing you can feel comfortable in both physically and mentally – knowing that you haven’t supported any practices that harm our planet and its inhabitants’.

‘Miakoda was created out of love, and continues to be run that way. I can feel a big hug in everything that I wear.

I know that when I wear Miakoda and not something else that I’m making a distinct choice about how I want to be in the world, and I feel good about that choice.’

Laura Ahrens, Co-owner and Inspirationalist

Anything that offers the feeling of a big hug is welcome right now, and their fleece sweatshirts made from lyocell and organic cotton definitely fit the bill.

Their sustainable plant-based materials come from small, trusted suppliers – organic cotton from Turkey and India, bamboo and soy fibres (up cycled from soybean oil production) from China. Their lyocell comes from beech tree wood pulp and their Procion dyes are nontoxic, safe and eco-friendly.

All their fabrics have Global Organic Textiles Standard or Control Union certifications. Their factories abide by Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production regulations and the clothes are made in the NY garment district. Their packaging is made from 100% recycled material and is made in the USA.

As a brand, they focus on small batch production of a limited number of styles, which gives them greater control over the quality and costs. It also allows them to make small improvements based on customer feedback – something that Julia loves. It also leads to less production waste during the manufacturing process and less product waste if something doesn’t sell as expected.

‘In a world that isn’t zero waste, we can always find ways to do better to create a greener future.’

Miakoda New York

For the scraps and production leftovers, Miakoda partner with Remember Me Green on a Zero Waste collection uses the scraps and leftovers from the production run to create unique accessories, key chains, scrunchies and more so that nothing is wasted.

‘Everyday I get to contribute something to the world that feels SO important to me.

Miakoda inspires me to live by my morals and values and to help share what I’m passionate with to the world.’

Julia Ahrens, Co-owner and Designer

We may be in for the long haul, so if you’re ready to add a bit of comfort to your day job, check out Miakoda New York.

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