Mary McCartney Just Launched a Plant-Based Cooking Show

Mary McCartney Just Launched a Plant-Based Cooking Show

The Meat-Free Monday co-founder brings meatless meals to the streaming platform Discovery+.

Meatless meals are a family tradition for Mary McCartney. Her mother, the late photographer-and-musician-turned-entrepreneur, Linda McCartney (1941-1998), was one of the first to launch a meatless food brand in the UK. Along with her sister, designer Stella McCartney, and their dad, Sir Paul McCartney, Mary helped to launch the UK’s Meat-Free Monday campaign. Now, the second-eldest McCartney daughter is getting her very own cooking show on the Discovery+ network.

“I grew up in a vegetarian family, so I realize that makes it very different for me,” she told WWD.

Mary McCartney Just Launched a Plant-Based Cooking Show
McCartney + Dave Grohl | Discovery+

Called “Mary McCartney Serves It Up,” the host, who’s also a photographer, author, and activist, is more comfortable behind the camera. But like that old song she’s surely heard goes, “I get by with a little help from my friends.” McCartney doesn’t cook alone; she gets support from celebrity guests including Kate Hudson, Mark Ronson, Liv Tyler, Gayle King, Dave Grohl, Cameron Diaz, and Nicole Richie.

Some of the guests appear in the studio, while others join via video chat due to the pandemic. The guests don’t just share meals with McCartney; the host connects with guests on sentimental levels, too. They talk about their earliest cooking memories, their current favorites, their go-to guilty pleasures.

McCartney says watching someone cook brings it all to life. The six-episode series, which began streaming this week, brings different elements to the kitchen including comfort classics and entertaining. Results include turmeric tofu noodles, mushroom salad cups, and banoffee cheesecake. But the overarching theme is the plant-based focus.

Cooking Meat-Free

“I eat meat-free because of the environment and climate change, and animal welfare,” says McCartney. “The facts say that eating a plant-based diet is one of the most significant things you can do if you want to help the environmental impact.”

Mary McCartney Just Launched a Plant-Based Cooking Show
Hash Brown Brunch Skillet | Discovery+

McCartney says she wanted to do the show because most people didn’t grow up in a vegetarian household like she did. And for them, cooking plant-based can feel challenging. She aims to bring a straightforward and easy approach to cooking plant-based.

“Lets just go into the kitchen, lets get some nice ingredients, and lets tantalize our taste buds,” says McCartney. “My job is to entice people over by saying this is delicious — don’t you think this is delicious? And then you naturally do it. If someone preaches to me and tells me to do something, often it won’t get through to me. But if they show me something and I find that attractive and I agree with it, then I’m much more likely to try it out.”

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