Muna AbuSulayman

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Key Takeaways:

We need a system that empowers women, and education is a huge part of that. We need women getting into university courses, sectors and jobs that have previously been closed to them, but we also need them to rise to the level where they’re making decisions. ‘Diversity is about having people with different points of view coming in and looking at the same issue and having uncomfortable conversations so that the product or decision is better.’

We hit pause on what? You hit pause on your outside life, your movement, your physical abilities. But you did not hit pause on anything else. We paused one thing and then accelerated our lives inside the home – work, childcare, education.

With the MERS scare in Saudi Arabia 7-8 ago, it served as a shock to the country and the government put frameworks and systems in place to protect against future viruses – capacity building in the medical sector, business assistance, a form of universal basic income for those on low pay, etc. It builds trust in governments if they learn lessons and respond better next time.

Muna’s tips for staying sane: You need resilience, let go things you can’t control, meditate, reward yourself for doing a good job, be gentle with yourself for not being super productive, establish a routine to help you not fall into despair and – most importantly – do not sign up for too many webinars!

Nature is a powerful force. We’ve been detached from nature for so long. We see beautiful pictures all the time, but living in these concrete jungles we thought we were able to conquer all things. But this small virus has stopped the whole world. ‘I thought science had already enabled us to win over nature.’

The Gift:

Book recommendations!

Designing Your Life, Bill Burnett – This is a book that’s really helpful for people who want to make major changes in their life because it gives you steps and ways to think about it that may not be as obvious.

My Year of Yes, Shonda Rhimes

How Remarkable Women Lead, Joanna Barsh and Susie Cranston – This gives you a lot of different examples of women, with different personalities, different types of leadership who are able to overcome some big challenges, from personal to almost the country-level.



Muna AbuSulayman is named as one of the most influential Arabs, as well as, one of the most influential Muslims in the world due to a unique and diverse cross-functional work experience. 

She is a recognized expert in Development, Media, Women Empowerment and is an impact investor in many startups that deal with education and media. She has spoken at the World Economic Forum, the UN, and the World Bank on the sensitive issues such as “Leadership in the Arab World” and “Monetization of Motherhood.”

However, perhaps she is best known as an Award winning popular Arab media personality and co-host of the no. 1 Arab TV program on social issues, Kalam Nawaem; a show that focuses on Arab families and empowerment.

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