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Nature, Mothers, Sex and Lady Gaga

So, Mother Nature.

Powerful. Complex. Benign. Fierce. Vital. All creating. Nurturing. Nature and the Universal Feminine are rising everywhere. Andrea Mennard in naming 2019 the Year of the Rising Sacred Feminine posited that ‘The rise of the Sacred Feminine then, is the fluid “return to knowledge” of humanity’s interconnectedness with all Beings and all Life. It is recognising Mother Earth as a Living Being, who is our Sacred Mother.’

There is something divinely beautiful in this. But. There is a touch of tripping over tropes as well.

The cliche of the Earth Mother can get a little constricting.

Perhaps, much like many women, Mother Nature needs a break. She needs to get out more. Nature needs to be more than just ‘someone’s mum’. She isn’t just some all-creating goody goody, stuck rigidly in some May Day pole dance for the pleasure of humanity. Nature needs to move out of her suffocating one-dimensional Mother-self.

Nature is layered. Nature is sublimely interconnected to everything and contradictory and volatile.

And she is the generator of things both good and bad [yes, it is possible from a human perspective to sometimes view nature’s outpourings as bad – tsunamis are not a bag of laughs, nor earthquakes for that matter, unless you are an especially misanthropic and miserable self-loathing human].

So that means it’s going to get messy. Nature, let loose from the fetter of Mother [which brings a whole lot of its own kind of messy already, let’s be fair] is going to really stir things up.

The upside: Nature’s got trending culture and momentum on her side.

Three years ago HuffPost trumpeted the rise of Feminine Energy. ‘Women are on the rise, speaking truth, shedding the cloaks of shame, and communicating with integrity and bringing the shadow to light. Men are also waking up to their own emotions and how they have suppressed and objectified women.

The feminine is breaking the bonds of self foisted upon them by self-serving man.

Nature should feel no different. She’s potentially got a whole world of footloose coming her way.

The evidence is everywhere. All things feminine are on the rise. The Divine Feminine is in the house and she’s got serious. And she’s got sexy. And there is no feminine greater than Nature.

Nature likes to get dirty. All that fun stuff that come just before procreation. Naughty dirty stuff. Nature is sexy!

And that is a WHOLE lot of sexy.

What’s more, we’re seeing her differently. Recently we have seen that small groups have moved from just being naughty in Nature to getting naughty with Nature. Ecosexuality, as demonstrated in a recent edition of Vice, presents a whole new conscious coupling, and of the dirty muddy messy variety. [Though the issue of consent did pop into the back of my mind – how do we know Nature is up for being interfered with sexually?]

So, apparently, we’re up for it. Come on Nature. We’re oiled and ready to get in it and on it. Though we might need to set a few ground rules. Given we are very different creatures. Having sex with nature or with a natural species order other than our own may present some ethical and moral dilemmas down the line [as many of our creature cousins on livestock farms down the ages will openly attest to].

We also need to bottom out the he-she-it thing at some point. Are we no pronouns? All pronouns? Some pronouns? Just for role play, you understand. Gender as Cosplay if you will.

Because with ‘sexy’ comes the issue of gender, assignments, identification, personal taste and right to freely enjoy.

Sexuality and the signposting that comes with it has got complicated. Is it multiplying in a good way or a bad way or just any old way? Who knows. Gender, for humans at least, is like a new toy. Fierce and furious gender playtime seeps into every conversation reaching far beyond the simple assertion of the right of a human being to be who they feel they are and a wish to make the inside and the outside match.

Now, if Nature’s got sexy, the next question might be, How has she got sexy? And with whom? Wow. Imagine sexy on a planetary scale. And fluid. And with shifting roles and relativity to whom Nature is getting sexy with, apart from herself. Mother Nature. Sister Nature. Auntie Nature. BFF Nature. GF/BF Nature. Intersectional, Non-binary. Keep going down that path and Nature comes on like a Blur song on acid.

There’s a whole lot of creatures out there, in Nature, who are or stay unassigned – or re-assign as the circumstance and their current evolved state demands. Creatures that shift gender to keep the propagation model working.

Nature knows that in the cosmos of creature coupling, things need to get crazy. Muller’s ratchet is alive and kicking and messing with the gene pool is an evolutionary imperative. And boy is Nature applying herself in that department.

Open the door on Nature’s bedroom, and it probably looks like everyone in Star War’s Mos Eisley cantina got wankered on Oga’s homebrew and ended up getting jiggy in a whole new universe of ways!

So, to be fair, in that way Nature is way ahead of our rising feminine trend and our demand for more fluidity. She is the overseer of some of the weirdest, most wonderful and fluid coupling conjoining and frolicking known to anyone. So she is potentially through this whole ‘who am I’ thing and out the other side.

So what the hey! As long as Nature is true to herself. And as long as we are respectful of her. And we don’t assume that we know who she is and what makes her ‘her’, as that would be the usual human arrogance at play again – ‘You don’t know me.’ And as long as we resist trying to define her all the time [labelling, such a CONTROLLING human trait] especially when it comes to her sexuality, gender and how she desires to be not only viewed and perceived but also gifted and received, I think we’ll be fine.

And if we could apply that rule universally. All the better.

All hail Lady Gaga. She called it:

Don’t be a drag just be a queen. I’m on the right track baby, I was born this way.

Lady Gaga
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