Nikki Tibbles

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Wild at Heart Foundation started with Nikki understood that there is a global problem – there are 600 million stray dogs in the world. From one litter of puppies born on the streets, in six years, there will be 67,000 more dogs on the street.

The floral business donates 10% of its profits to the foundation to cover staffing costs so that all donations go to the important work they do – primarily sterilisation but also education and finding new homes for rescued dogs

‘Unless we recognise that there is no good to come from the way we bred and treat animals and wildlife, this pandemic will happen again and again.’ So many of the epidemics and pandemics that have impacted the planet over the past several decades has come from animals.

If we emerged as more thoughtful beings with a greater awareness of our world and our climate and what makes up our world – and have a greater respect for it – that would be truly good.


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When Nikki isn’t flying all over the world to rescue stray dogs, she can be found heading up her gorgeous florist business. Her reputation for unrivalled creativity and style, paired with an unwavering drive and determination, has not only helped Wild at Heart become a market leading brand, it is also the very reason Wild at Heart Foundation was able to become the thriving, meaningful and truly-committed charity we are today.

Nikki is truly inimitable: a force of unstoppable compassion, she has driven the Foundation from a passion project of her own (Nikki used to return from every international trip she made with an armful of rescue dogs who she’d find homes for amongst her friends and clients!) to the charity it is now. Wild at Heart Foundation’s reach, ambition and impact was made possible by Nikki’s sheer determination and passion to put a stop to the suffering of stray dogs all over the world. She has a heart of gold and a steadfast determination, which couples to make her the perfect person to take the charity onwards and upwards and achieve still greater things.

For the first four years of the charity’s development, Nikki’s business covered the costs of all salaries, expenses and overheads, as well as contributing significantly towards projects and campaigns; this gave the Foundation a unique opportunity to grow, and to invest 100% of donations into our overseas project work. To this day, Wild at Heart contribute 10% of their profits annually towards our running costs, and Nikki personally funds many of our international project trips where grants are unavailable, allowing us to channel all public fundraising straight into the areas of greatest need.

A dog-lover for life, Nikki grew up with rescue dogs and has never known a time where she didn’t have a dog of her own. Her current clan includes Tia, Smith and Lenny (from Spain), Ronnie (from Romania), and Ruby and Rita (from Puerto Rico)

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