Nil Zacharias

Nil Zacharias

Key Takeaways:

We live under a false assumption that we have to do the same things daily; we’re driven by our routines. And when that’s disrupted, we learn that all those things we thought we needed weren’t essential. Now we can focus on things that really matter.

Everything changes; change is the only constant – it’s a bit of a cliche but it’s true. And you have a choice when things change – you can fight it or react against it, taking it personally. But the best way is to surrender to change, accept it and move on.

We’re learning about ourselves, but we’re also learning about systemic flaws that exist in the planet from how the government is run or how we prepare for emergencies. It’s opening our eyes to things we took for granted, like getting food easily.

There are so many parallels to be drawn between this crisis and the looming climate crisis. The root cause of both is that our global society is out of balance with nature.

We need to be prepared for life not to return to normal for a long time. We need to prepare for things to be different and learn to accept those differences. It may be jarring and sad, but we will learn to adapt. Just be grateful for every small step forward.

The Gift:

This crisis has made me think about the things I can control and the things that matter to me. So this Vinn diagram has been my guide. What can I actually control and what am I actually passionate about – what matters to me? And then focus on that. Put all your attention on things you can control and that matter to you.


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Nil Zacharias is an author, entrepreneur, consultant, and sought-after international speaker who has spent over a decade focused on the intersection of food, health, and sustainability.

Nil co-founded Eat For The PlanetSpire80/20 PlantsOne Green Planet and serves as a strategic advisor to numerous brands and organizations.

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