Nordstrom Goes 'Zero-Waste' for Earth Month

Nordstrom Goes ‘Zero-Waste’ for Earth Month

U.S. department store Nordstrom wants you to shop for the planet. All this month, select locations in nine cities will focus on zero-waste.

[email protected] x Package Free, the new Nordstrom pop-up, will feature items curated by the shop Package Free, in order to highlight reusable zero-waste products for Earth Month. Store staff will be trained on the products as well as the impact of going zero-waste.

“Since day one, Package Free’s mission has been to make the world less trashy. When you swap products used daily for a Package Free alternative, it’s easier than ever to cut down on plastic and individual waste and create a more livable future for all,” Package Free founder Lauren Singer said in a statement. “We’re extremely excited to partner with a brand that shares our goal of a sustainable product landscape and mission of making the world a better place not just through the products on the shelves, but also in the actions taken.” 

Nordstrom Goes 'Zero-Waste' for Earth Month
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From 4 Pounds a Day to Zero-Waste

Going zero-waste isn’t as simple as cutting out trash; it often does require making purchases of items such as reusable lunch kits, refillable jars for bulk soaps, and laundry detergents. There’s even refillable dental floss, bamboo toothbrushes, and a big trend in paper packaging for deodorant and lipstick. There’s also a growing movement toward reusable menstrual products from period pants to reusable silicone cups. The in-store displays, as well as all of the packaging are made from recyclable or compostable materials.

Nordstrom is also using the event as way to support the New York City organization, GrowNYC. It helps connect New Yorkers to a number of initiatives including farmers markets, gardens, and interactive nature programs for children.

Nordstrom picked Earth Month as an ideal time to help customers shop in bulk and commit to zero-waste practices, says Olivia Kim, Nordstrom’s vice-president of Creative Projects. “We know our customers want to support brands with strong values that help create positive change and we hope this shop will inspire them to learn about new ways to live a more trash-free life,” she said.

According to Singer, the average American creates more than four pounds of waste every day.

The pop-up runs through May 9th at Nordstrom locations in Bellevue and Seattle, WA; Vancouver, BC; Toronto, BC; Austin, TX; Chicago, IL; Dallas, TX; Costa Mesa, CA; and New York City.

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