Spekboom, a South African succulent

One Million Spekbooms

‘The world is at a breaking point, and everybody must look after their part of the planet.’

As we move toward a regenerative economy – one where we are actively creating value by restoring ecosystems rather than simply extracting material – farming and conservation must go hand-in-hand.

One farmer seeking to give back to nature is Carel Nel, owner of Boplaas Family Vineyards in South Africa. They are giving away a spekboom cutting with every order in the hopes that they can help plant one million spekboom by 2025.

Here’s what they say about their pledge:

‘Boplaas has always been conservation-minded. Now we’ve stepped up our drive and pledged to establish one million plants of the Portulacaria afra succulent variety – commonly known as the spekboom – before 2025.

‘The world is at a tipping point and we should do everything in our power to avoid a global climate catastrophe. The spekboom that is indigenous to the Klein Karoo area is a carbon miracle worker. Spekboom, for the amount of water it uses, is the most efficient carbon sequester in the world.

‘The humble spekboom can gobble up between 4 and 10 tons of carbon per hectare per year. But it needs our help. According to the Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change, the world currently produces 1 331 tons/sec CO2.

‘Our goal at Boplaas is to escalate plantation of the spekboom through strategic partnerships and as a wider aim to spread awareness. We want to encourage its cultivation in private gardens, on estates and on farms.

‘It’s not an impossible task – the spekboom is great at adapting to its surroundings and can flourish almost anywhere. It makes wonderful hedges and beautiful shrubs; and, can be planted in fields, flowerbeds and pots.’

Check out this film by Beautiful News about Carel’s amazing work:

Carel Nel

Why has this farmer chosen to plant one million spekboom?

Posted by Beautiful News South Africa on Friday, 20 March 2020
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