Plant Trees for Our Carers

Search with Ecosia in May and they’ll plant trees for the NHS

Over the last few weeks, we’ve all taken great pride in joining together each Thursday to ‘clap for our carers’ as a mark of respect for the thousands of healthcare workers who have been on the frontline of the fight against COVID19.

The sense of togetherness has been both poignant and overwhelming and I can’t pass an ambulance without waving or giving them the thumbs up, as a sign of respect and thanks for the incredible, selfless work that they do.

Our favourite search engine, Ecosia, has taken things one step further and, given that this is Mental Health Awareness Week, it seems fitting to talk about how they have joined forces with The NHS Forest and Trees for Cities to plant trees around NHS hospitals all over the UK.

I think we all know the impact that nature has, not only on our physical health but also on our mental health; we’ve been hearing all kinds of inspiring stories about people reconnecting with nature as a result of lockdown.

Every Thursday during the month of May, Ecosia is dedicating 100% of its revenues from searches made by UK users. Trees will be planted at NHS sites in Wales, Cornwall, Liverpool, Bristol, Newcastle, Nottingham and London, during planting season which begins in October.

The native trees planted will be dedicated to NHS staff as a living monument and lasting expression of gratitude for their efforts across the UK. It is Ecosia’s first UK project and to get involved, it’s as simple as using Ecosia as your search engine of choice. They will do the rest!

You can also support the project by donating to Trees For Cities and The NHS Forest via their websites directly, or by getting an Ecosia #GrowYourLove t-shirt – 100% of its proceeds will go towards planting trees.

Follow Ecosia on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter to check out how many trees you help plant and don’t forget to search with Ecosia on Thursdays to grow your love for those who are working tirelessly to keep us safe.

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