Pornhub's New Sustainability Campaign Urges People to Come Together for a Better Planet

Pornhub’s New Sustainability Campaign Urges People to Come Together for a Better Planet

We all know that temperatures are rising. Guess what? That doesn’t necessarily need to be a bad thing.

Pornhub, the most-visited porn website in the world, is taking matters into its own hands. And yes — be prepared for a double-entendre or two as you read on.

As far as fundraising and awareness goes, what’s more compelling than sex and sustainability? You’d be hard (okay, that’s not a pun) pressed to find a better combo, right? In other words, many of us have some understandable priorities — firstly, getting off. Just as importantly, getting off this seemingly endless ride of climate doom.

Maybe it’s time we come together?


Make it Happen

Pornhub, which has more visits to its site every month than 1,000 times the global population, has partnered with 2030 Or Bust. We can work toward sustainability — and this initiative demonstrates that. The past year has curtailed contact. Additionally, it has separated lovers. It has changed the dating landscape. It has scuppered opportunities for pleasurable activity. It makes sense, therefore, for masturbation to get in on the sustainability act. Right?

By tuning in to Pornhub’s new channel, you can do your bit. Entitled ‘Sextainable: Jerk Off Instruction’ you can enjoy crafted content from Pornhub models. They’ll arouse your interest, in more ways than one. Who knew that saving water could be so hot? Who would have thought about swallowing … every … last … mouthful … in terms of avoiding waste?

In effect, it will raise your awareness while raising your pulse.

Show Me the Money

Of course, we’re not fans of rushing things. Keep some kind of time limit in mind, however. Why? Because over the course of the next 30 days, the planet will double down on your good feeling. Every view on the newly-formed channel means a 10-cent donation to 2030 or Bust.

Get turned on by dark fantasies? Save energy and flick a switch. Use (a) second hand — and avoid buying new. Spread your seed — plant trees. Use me … over… and over .. again – and turn your back on disposable culture.

What’s less sexy than not caring?


Happy Endings

Executive Director of 2030 or Bust, Laughlin Artz, is confident about what’s coming.

“We are thrilled to partner with Pornhub in getting the word out,” he says. “Not only is the climate crisis endable; additionally, we have the power collectively to make that happen. Moreover, making that difference can be easy, sexy, and fun. We all want humanity to have a happy ending.”

Don’t we all?

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