Prada Just Launched Its First Sustainable, All Organic Denim Line

100% organic cotton denim pushes Prada a step closer to reaching its sustainability targets.

Luxury Italian fashion house Prada wants you to kick off your sweatpants and opt for its first fully organic denim instead. The new range launched this month.

“To maintain a high level of sustainability, the denim is dyed using the ‘Acquasave’ system, a type of dyeing where the water consumption is well below the standard, thus, allowing a saving of 10 liters of water for each linear meter of fabric,” Prada said in a statement.

The move marks two firsts for Prada: its first certified organic denim, and denim dyed with the “Asquasave” system—it reduces water usage by 10 liters per linear meter of fabrics.

The new Pre-Fall collection uses 100 percent Global Organic Textile Standard cotton from organic farms. The line includes denim shorts, dresses, jackets, jeans, and a denim bralette.

Sustainable denim is on the rise. Cotton, the key fabric in denim, is the most heavily sprayed agricultural crop, linked to air and water pollution, biodiversity loss, human health issues, and farmers’ rights issues.

Prada Just Launched Its First Sustainable, All Organic Denim Line

Luxury Fashion Goes Sustainable

Sustainability is the new luxury. Fashion label Karl Lagerfeld recently launched its first handbag made from sustainable vegan cactus leather. British designer Stella McCartney continues to lead the way with her latest collection supporting Greenpeace.

Prada’s push into sustainability builds on its recent fundraising of more than €90 million to reach targets that include eliminating greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, eliminating all micro-fiber plastic pollution, and reducing single-use plastic by 2030.

“Sustainability, as a value, is now universally recognized and shared, also by the financial industry,” Prada’s chief financial officer Alessandra Cozzani said in a statement in February. “For us and for all companies, this results in an important stimulus to achieve increasingly ambitious goals toward a sustainable economy. We are proud to be among the first players in the luxury sector to have embarked on this path and to be considered a reference counterpart in the field today.”

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