Pure Animal Joy

Feeling overwhelmed by the headlines? Take a much-needed break and boost your mood with these 15 adorable animal accounts

I’ve lost track of the number of weeks we’ve been in lockdown, but it feels like it’s been going on ages. I feel incredibly lucky to have a dog to turn to when the dire warnings, depressing headlines and Twitter rants become too much. A walk in the park or quick cuddle can do wonders for my mind.

The other thing that helps me keep the blues at bay is cute animal accounts on Instagram. Like this gem from King Kingsley and a little help from his friends.

So if you need a pick-me-up, here are 15 Instagram accounts worth staying online for:

Dogs of Instagram

A curated feed of the delightful antics of dogs and their owners – from faux holiday shots to tip-toeing across slippery floors to the excitement over dinner, we can’t get enough.

Cats of Instagram

We could get lost in the cuteness of this feed that gathers the best moments of cats snuggling with their owners, having adventures and bonding with their other animal siblings.

Maggie the Wonder Dog

Rescued from a life of neglect and abuse, Maggie has become an inspiration and shows everyone that not only is love blind but that joy and kindness are what makes life worthwhile.

Juniper Foxx

Documenting the exploits of Juniper, Fig and Elmwood (three rescued foxes), this charming feed is both educational and inspirational. And just too cute for words.

Aspen the Mountain Pup

You know your Instagram feed is going to look ace when your parents are photographers and writers. Aspen makes the most of his charmed life and the great outdoors.

Teddy the Shetland Pony

According to his Insta bio, Teddy is an ‘international heartbreaker who dabbles in modelling and womanising’. This therapy horse is pure joy to watch.

The Dogist

Inspired by The Sartorialist and Humans of New York, Elias Weiss Friedman set up this feed to capture the best photos and stories of dogs around the world.

Mr. Poof

Who doesn’t love a talking parakeet? Takes me right back to my teenage years trying to teach my budgie to say ‘pretty bird’. He’s brilliant!

Melvin and Bianca

Melvin and Bianca, ‘two cage-free and litter-trained house bunnies from Sweden’, have great personalities and bags of energy!

King Kingsley

Hailing from Australia, King Kingsley knows how to live the good life with his friends Molly Moo and Paddington – keeping an appropriate distance from the roos!

Prissy Pig

Rocking the diva look, Prissy is smart and loves to cuddle. Pop is all about the beach and rooting around in the sand. They are just two of many charming animals living on a rescue farm.

Suki Cat

Suki, a bengal cat living in Alberta, Canada, has an adventurous streak and travels the world with her humans. She even has her own product line that we are in love with!

Ludwik the Guinea Pig

Whilst the original Ludwik is sadly no longer with us, the portraits and positive messages continue with Vincent and Leonardo – two charming hairless guinea pigs.

The Beagle and the Bun

Chloe and Rue’s friendship is documented in all its adorable glory as they go through life begging food, cuddling and having adventures together.

Ethel the Glamour Tortoise

Living the good life in sunny California, Ethel is a sulcata tortoise who loves chilling, eating and dressing her humans to match her fab style.

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