Rainbow-Colored Vegan Burgers Just Launched In London

Rainbow-Colored Vegan Burgers Just Launched In London

Italian vegan chain Flower Burger has opened its first London location.

The brand is renowned for its vibrant, multi-hued vegan burgers and sides made in-house from all natural ingredients. Even so, the Flower Burger buns are the star of the show. From vivid yellow to pale pink and deep purple, this fast food is not for shrinking violets. 

Flower Burger founder Matteo Toto’s mission was simple — to find the perfect meeting point between burger culture and vegan cuisine. “People do not always associate vegan food with fun and enjoyment. Flower Burger is about changing this perception, with a psychedelic brand and restaurant décor,” Toto said in a statement.

The buns and patties get their Instagrammable looks from fresh vegetables, cereals, and legumes. Additionally, they contain neither chemical additives nor artificial aromas. Options include the Cherry Bomb, a lentil and basmati rice patty in a beetroot infused bun. Other menu highlights include the signature Flower Burger, a seitan and red kidney bean patty housed in a maroon bap. 

Looking for the best vegan burgers in London? These new rainbow-colored Flower Burgers are the new must-try plant-based options.
Flower Burger

To celebrate the opening of the Charlotte Street store, lucky Londoners will be the first to try the BBQ-inspired Jungle Burger. This verdant green offering contains an oat and red bean patty. It’s trimmed with oven-baked courgettes, signature vegan ‘Flower Cheddar’, Gentilina lettuce and spicy sauce.

To counter the burgers’ flamboyance, the sides are simple: edamame, potato wedges, or patatas bravas. The vegan desserts suitably reflect Flower Burger’s playful ethos. Chocolate Salami, anyone?  Coco-nuts (blending creamy coconut heart and espresso) and Crunchy Raspy, a fruit’n’nut combo will get a sweet-loving tooth tingling.

‘Dirty’ Vegan Food?

The Flower Power concept is part of a new wave of ‘dirty veganism’ that is taking place in the UK. The writing was on the wall when bakery chain Greggs launched a plant-based sausage roll at the beginning of 2019. Its overall sales rose by 14% in the first seven weeks of the year.

Brits are clearly embracing veganism; Happy Cow ranks London as the city with the highest number of vegan restaurants. Even so, they won’t compromise when it comes to fast food. The proof is in the pudding. For instance, London’s Temple of Seitan has gained a devoted following for its popcorn chick’n. Meanwhile, in Edinburgh, the doughnuts at Considerit sell like, well, hot cakes. 

Flower Burger takeaway and collection will be available from January 21.

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