Rescuing Dogs in Lebanon

Meet the man working to change his country’s attitudes toward dogs

In a country full of harrowing tales of cruelty, neglect and violence against dogs, a growing number of charities and individuals are stepping in to help.

Wild at Heart Foundation is working with these organisations on a number of initiatives, including:
> Rescuing dogs that have been mistreated, giving them a safe place to rest and recover
> Rehoming dogs with caring families that will give them the love they deserve
> Rolling out sterilisation clinics to reduce the number of street dogs born into a life of hardship
> Educating both adults and children on the respectful treatment of animals

This is the story of Milo, one of their partners on the ground in Lebanon.

Learn more about Wild at Heart Foundation’s amazing work in Lebanon. If you’re able, donate to support their efforts or get in touch about giving one of their dogs a home.

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