Ridhima Pandey

Ridhima Pandey

Key Takeaways: 

A lot of people in India aren’t aware of climate change and global warming, so educating children is important because they’re the ones who will be most affected by these issues. We need to keep pressure on older generations, but it’s important to talk to them and ask questions that show them the hypocrisy of their action versus what they say. We need to show them what is right and what the consequences are if they don’t take action. 

People say that being an activist isn’t a good job; that being an environmentalist won’t make her rich or successful; ‘People have a mentality, a mindset, that their children are successful only when they have a great job, making a lot of money with a lot of luxuries – only then can they be happy. Changing the mindset is really important here in India. Children do suffer because of their parents.’ 

Before the crisis, people used to feed street dogs like she does, now people aren’t feeding them anymore. Whilst she recognises that times are difficult, she feels that the dogs are also living beings and she can’t bear to see them go hungry. They don’t have any one coming to provide a stimulus for them; they’re dependent on humans for their care. 

Her ambition is to start an organisation that helps educate and empower young people – to raise awareness of climate change and to show people how to start lifestyles and jobs that align with their values

We need to remember this time as an alarm; we don’t want to end up in the same situation again in the future, so we need to work hard and find ways to act differently in the future


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My name is Ridhima Pandey, I am 12 years old and I am climate activist based in India.I want to protect our future and the future of coming generation. I want to protect and fight for our child rights. As to achieve this I mainly focus on awareness,I go to different schools, events and so on to make people aware about our environment and why it’s our duty to protect it. I filed a petition against the government of India at National green tribunal in 2017 due to the inaction of government on climate change and I also filed a complaint at United Nations with 15 other child petitioners against 5 countries under child rights convention. 

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