Save Your Life and The Planet

Health and wellbeing go hand in hand with ethical living. With organic foods and eco friendly products taking over our supermarket shelves and door to door delivery services of ethically sourced meat and veg, the US termed LOHAS (Lifestyle for Health and Sustainability) sector looks set to stay, thrive and become the incumbent system of the future.

The sentiments of ‘LOHAS’ hark back to pre world war days and to a time when ‘fresh’ really meant just that. Bread was lovingly stacked on family run local shop shelves – still warm to touch and not rife with refined, processed ingredients and additives, and meat came from animals reared and slaughtered without being pumped full of antibiotics and steroids.

It’s so important to carefully choose our food and, wherever possible, to opt for organic wholefoods. I often hear comments along the lines of ‘it’s too expensive to eat organic food’, ‘people have been eating meat for years, I need it’ and ‘being vegetarian or vegan is too much like hard work’. However, it’s surprisingly easy to eat truly good food and not only does it taste better, it’s healthier and better for the environment, and in turn future generations including our children.

So, lets ask ourselves why we keep consuming fast food and microwave meals which not only lack nourishment but which could potentially make us ill. Why do we opt for the quickest, easiest food options rather than thinking first about health and where the food has come from?

It has never been easier to be healthy and we can have so much fun exploring the many different tantalising flavours and types of culinary delights that we are fortunate enough to have conveniently on offer.

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