Shark Tank's Mark Cuban Invests $2 Million In a Zero-Waste Vegan Milk Concept

Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban Invests $2 Million In a Zero-Waste Vegan Milk Concept

Haven’t heard of Numilk yet? Get ready for DIY dairy-free milk machines coming to a supermarket or countertop near you.

A new concept in dairy-free milk is coming to a store near you, thanks to Shark Tank investor Mark Cuban. He doubled the ask from startup Numilk, offering $2 million to the do-it-yourself milk kiosk and home machine company for 10 percent equity on Friday’s show.

Founded by Joe Savino and Ari Tolwin, Numilk solves two environmental problems in one. By letting consumers make their own vegan milk, it shifts the market away from methane-producing dairy cows. It also does away with disposable bottles and cartons, orienting customers to reusable bottles instead.

The Numilk in-store machines launched in 2017; they were expecting national rollouts to various chains in 2020, but the coronavirus pandemic delayed the launch. The machines allow customers to pick a bottle and press fresh milk — almond or oat, currently — and make it right in the store. Bottles can be returned back to the store to refill.

The other machine prototype is for a home-use model — like a SodaStream countertop carbonated water maker — it allows consumers to make milk as needed. Unlike a number of other DIY milk machines, the Numilk concept requires little more than adding an ingredient pouch and fresh water and pushing a button.

Numilk is the latest — and largest — of a number of Cuban’s vegan investments. He struck a $250,000 deal with popular vegan meat brand the Unreal Deli, in 2019. He made a $300,000 investment into Pan’s Mushroom Jerky in 2019. Earlier this month he made a deal with Everything Legendary, a Black-owned vegan meat brand, for $300,000.

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