SHINEfest 2020

Lessons from Lockdown

2020 certainly hasn’t turned out the way any of us thought it would…

The global pandemic disrupted our lives and livelihoods as well as our sense of what normal life looks like. We’ve seen the best of humanity on display over the past several months, but we’ve also seen the cracks in the systems that prop our society up.

As the crisis unfolded, our response was to seek out individuals, organisations and movements who could help us navigate the uncertainty, to ask better questions and to distill some of the early experiences into lessons that we could take forward. Lessons that could help us ‘build back better’ as the campaigns say.

The end result was SHINEfest 2020: Lessons from Lockdown. We welcomed 46 speakers from across the world and from all walks of life – environmentalists, musicians, authors, media personalities, adventurers and entrepreneurs. These were truly human conversations about life and love, fear and hope, and contained the seeds of a better tomorrow…

The response was incredible and while these conversations are grounded in a specific moment – the COVID-19 crisis – the themes and lessons our speakers drew out are timeless.

All the conversations are available to watch as videos – you can see all our speakers here – or to listen to as a podcast – all the episodes will be available here. We hope you find them as valuable and thought-provoking as we have.

SHINEfest 2020: Lessons from Lockdown was presented with support from:

We’d love to hear what you’ve learned through this crisis… Join in the conversation on social using the hashtag #SHINEfest2020 or #LessonsFromLockdown