Sir David Attenborough Brings Perfection to a Most Imperfect Year

Sir David Attenborough Brings Perfection to a Most Imperfect Year

The BBC naturalist just dropped another series about his favorite subject: Planet Earth.

If the pandemic has left you feeling hopeless, Sir David Attenborough has quite the mood boost: everything is absolutely perfect. Well, sort of. The 94-year-old narrates the new planet series coming to the BBC and Discovery early next month, “A Perfect Planet.” 

“They say perfection doesn’t exist. But that’s not quite true,” Attenborough insists in the trailer. 

“There is one planet where every element has fallen into place, perfectly. Planet Earth. From volcanoes to weather systems. Ocean currents, to the heat of the sun. These forces allowed life on earth to flourish,” he says.

Filmed in 31 countries over four years, the series celebrates the “perfection” that is the planet and its ability to allow for so many diverse life forms to coexist in so many diverse elements. Episodes explore the sun’s impact, the oceans, volcanoes, weather, and humanity. Building on his last documentary, “A Life on Our Planet,” Attenborough touts his now-signature call-to-action: reversing climate change to save this perfect planet.

“This year perhaps more than ever, people are finding comfort and solace in the natural world,” Attenborough says. “Whilst we may not be able to travel, we can take a few moments to enjoy our wonderful and diverse planet in this incredible footage.

“Oceans, sunlight, weather and volcanoes – together these powerful yet fragile forces allow life to flourish in astonishing diversity. They make Earth truly unique – a perfect planet. Our planet is one in a billion, a world teeming with life. But now, a new dominant force is changing the face of Earth: humans. To preserve our perfect planet we must ensure we become a force for good.”

A Perfect Planet” launches the new service discovery+ on Jan. 4 and available on BBC One and Canada’s BBC Earth on Jan. 3.

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